For 20 years, we have provided unmatched quality and service to our clients. Our commitment to meeting and exceeding expectations has never wavered.

Trusted Service.

Reliable Value.

Impeccable Craftsmanship.


We’ve been doing this long enough to know choosing the right countertop can be a hard decision. Let us do all the heavy lifting. 


With just some basic measurements of the area and a little vision we can provide a custom estimate for your project. Estimates can be provided for specific materials or by price groups.


The fun part. The beautiful options are endless in our showrooms and slab yards. Quartz, granite, marble and quartzite all from different parts of the world. If you cant find the perfect stone in our showrooms, we have long standing relationships with distributors nearby. 


Creating custom templates is one of the most important steps of the process to ensure the perfect fit of your countertops. We use a highly precise laser to create a digital template. This along with years of expierence allow us to perefctly craft your countertops. 


Our experienced installation teams do the last of the heavy lifting. Bringing the finished countertops into your home, mounting the sink, and caulking the backsplash. Your vision is complete in as little as 2 weeks from template.

New countertop and island last year. Couldn’t be happier. Very reasonable prices. Very professional. Highly recommend this company. Robert S.

Delighted with my new countertops. Expert measurement, fabrication, and installation. Highly recommend. Marcella K.

Very happy I found Dark Star. They saved me almost two thousand dollars over the box stores and another kitchen cabinet designer in Beavercreek for the exact same stone. It was installed within 2 weeks of placing the order and looks amazing! Stephen L.

Our Family.

You are sure to be greeted with smiling faces when you visit Dark Star. We’re happy to show you our inventory and help you find the perfect countertop for your home.

To recieve a quote we’ll just need a drawing of the space with dimensions, or the overall square footage of the counterspace. 


You may see John at your home carefully preparing a template. This process is especially important because it allows us to fit the countertop to your cabinets and walls perfectly. The fabricators in our shop will then use these specifications collected to cut, and fabricate your countertops.


Joe Sweat oversees the fabrication of every job that comes through our shop. Slabs are carefully cut and polished eventually becoming your countertop.

Crafting your countertops can be quite the process. Each material has a different density, and our made up of different minerals that react different when cut and polished. Having experience and knowledge of the material is key to successfully crafting your countertops.


After all the behind the scene work, Nathan can be found at your home on the day of installation. Your countertops are carefully maneuvered into your home and the installation crew goes to work. Seaming pieces together, installing backsplashes, and applying caulk. When it’s all said and done, we clean up and you now have a beautiful new countertop.

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