Natural Stone

Exotic stone from around the world. Granite, Quartzite and Dolomites are an obvious choice for countertops. Beautiful, durable and  timeless materials for your kitchen or bath. 


Our inventory is constantly changing. We are doing our best to keep this page updated with materials we currently stock but it is by no means all of our stocked material.  Each piece of granite is unique and can vary from one slab to next or from batch to batch. Please visit our showroom to see our current selection of beautiful natural stone. 

Level 1

Caledonia | Granite

Giallo Ornamental Light | Granite

Luna Pearl | Granite

Uba Tuba | Granite

Level 2

Azul Platino | Granite

Bianco Sardo | Granite

Black Pearl Leathered | Granite

Black Pearl Polished | Granite

Brown Pearl Leathered | Granite

Brown Pearl Polished| Granite

Giallo Ornamental | Granite

Sapphire Blue| Granite

Steel Grey Leathered | Granite

Steel Grey Polished | Granite

Level 3

Kotaspi | Granite

Maori | Granite

Level 4

Incognito Leathered | Granite

Thunder White | Granite

Level 5

Colonial White | Granite

Fanatsy Brown Polished | Dolomite

Fantasy Brown Leathered | Dolomite

Salinus White | Granite

Silver Paradiso | Granite

Silver Typhoon | Granite

Vanilla Ice Polished | Granite

Vanilla Ice Leathered | Granite

Level 6

Blue Labrado | Granite

Brazilian White | Dolomite

Classic White | Granite

Colonial Gold | Granite

Delicatus Perla | Granite

Mirage | Granite

Scottish Meadow | Granite

Torricino | Granite

Level 7

Alaskan White | Granite

Copenhagen | Granite

Esteem Leathered | Dolomite

Kaizen | Granite

Typhoon Bordeaux | Granite


Taj Mahal | Quartzite

Vostok | Quartzite